2011/03/15 by yanyan


Dear friends,

We are deeply shocked and saddened by the tragic loss caused by the devastating earthquake and the consequent tsunami which has struck north-east coastal Japan over the past days. We, along with thousands of millions of Chinese people, have been watching the situation closely in Japan, empathizing with the Japanese people, the victims, their families and friends.

We from China have also suffered an unspeakable pain from the 2008 Wenchuan earthquakes, thus we feel what you feel and we mourn what you mourn. We have profound respect of the Japanese people who demonstrated superb ability to be so organized, orderly, well-trained in helping victims and comforting each other in the face of one of the largest catastrophes mankind has ever come to face. Today in China, thousands of millions of people are extending their heartfelt compassion to the people in Japan and are helping in their own ways by translating the news, passing on the important messages for families searching for their relatives, or simply praying.

More privileged than the others, we from LEAD China had the opportunities to visit Japan last year and made friends with many of you. We were very much impressed and inspired by your dedication, creativity and humanistic care to tackle the social issues, and returned with renewed passion and knowledge to take actions and motivate change.

As LEAD China fellows, we would like to provide service and assistance to you. More and more friends here in China are joining us. We are now in close contact with JPN-CHN Civil Society Network and stand still to take further actions to be of greater help wherever the needs arise.

We pray for the safety for every one of you, your families, friends, and colleagues. And we send our regards especially to the seniors cared for by the Sun Forest.

When natural disasters hit, no one is an island. We are all brothers and sisters, standing right beside you. We are with you in today’s sufferings, and we will also be with you in building up a better tomorrow.

All the best!

Fellows of LEAD-China Cohort 13, 14 and 15

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